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Hindustan Cargo Ltd. is people oriented organization. We believe that people are most important element in the success of our enterprise. We are equal Opportunity employer and offer merit and achievement led career plan with growth.

HR Vision

We encourage our employees to become strategic business partners / entrepreneur, to create an environment of excellence and congenial work-culture conducive to achievement of organizational objectives.
Our goal is

  • To attract, develop and retain best available talent.
  • To optimally utilize human resources and tap their latent potential.
  • Focused in building competencies with the organisation.

  • Our Principals :

    We are organization that, encourage development of knowledge, skills and attitude through continual learning process to enable our people to perform to their full potential and ability.

    HR Services

    The services offered by HR can be categorized as under:
  • Alignment with Strategic Goals of the Organization
  • Developing and implementing Effective HRM Programs
  • Creating and sustaining Efficient HR Policy and Processes
  • Legal Compliance & Corporate Governance

  • Diversity and Inclusion - The power of difference for competitive advantage

    At Hindustan Cargo Ltd., we employ people with varied background regardless of their experiences, culture, styles, religion, caste, creed, community, language, gender, talent, disability, marital status and sexual orientation. Drawing upon employees' differences and viewpoints, we are able to develop better, more innovative services for existing and potential customers.


    Our Endeavour is to create the best place to work in and we strive to achieve it by committing ourselves to foster an environment that is based on Trust, Respect and Transparency for each other. We ensure our employees know what is expected out of them and that good performances are recognized and rewarded suitably. Every month we organize employee engagement programs within the organisation. Our employees are passionate, innovative, committed and display immense pride.

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